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Translations of DIN Standards

English and other languages

Over 17,000 DIN Standards are available in English translation, including DIN ENs, DIN EN ISOs and DIN ISOs.

Standards compilations on particular subjects are available as the money-saving "DIN Handbooks". These offer a huge saving over the cost of purchasing each standard individually!

Search for and order standards and handbooks in English as you would any other product on this webshop. See our Help section (in the footer) and other links for more information.

In addition to official translations of DIN Standards, Beuth also sells unrevised manuscript translations in English, French, Spanish and other languages. These have not been checked by DIN Translation Services and are largely provided by external sources.

Please note that for copyright reasons the translation of DIN Standards by third parties is subject to certain conditions. Any queries on this subject should be addressed to DIN’s Legal Department.

Under “Show purchasing options”, the official printed translations are indicated as "Translation", while manuscripts are indicated by "Manuscript", followed by the language of the translation.

DIN Translation Services (e-mail) answers questions about current translation projects and activities.

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