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Standards Ticker

  • Start your Standards Ticker account with up to 25 Standards and enjoy great savings!
  • Only 78 EUR (service charge) a year!
  • Applies to Standards Ticker and Standards Ticker/doc

Product profile

"Standards Ticker" is a service for updating your standards collection, provided by Beuth Verlag, your publisher for standards and technical rules. Beuth can help you save time and human resources, and lower administrative costs. We provide:

  • Regular e-mails giving the current status of your standards and technical rules, including titles, validity, withdrawn documents, superseding documents, summaries, etc
  • Information tailored to your needs
  • Upon request, automatic delivery of superseding documents

Product options

+++ Normen-Ticker zur Registrierung +++ Normen-Ticker:dok zur Registrierung +++ Normen-Ticker:kompakt zur Registrierung

Price list

Prices are calculated individually on the basis of the following:

1. Base price

Fixed annual fee (includes basic services, valid as from 01.01.2014) on the basis of the number of standards in your account

Number of documentsStandards Ticker
Standards Ticker
Standards Ticker
up to 25 standards:
80.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 95.20 EUR)
80.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 95.20 EUR)
up to 150 standards: 268.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 318.92 EUR)
164.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 195.16 EUR)
up to 300 standards:
455.00 EUR
(plus VAT541.45 EUR)
247.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 293.93 EUR)
up to 500 standards: 695.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 827.05 EUR)
382.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 454.58 EUR)
486.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 578.34 EUR)
up to 750 standards: 965.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 1,148.35 EUR)
540.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 642.60 EUR)
up to 1000 standards: 1,194.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 1,420.86 EUR)
645.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 767.55 EUR)
for each additional
1000 standards:
853.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 1,015.07 EUR)
541.00 EUR
(plus VAT: 643.79 EUR)

2. Cost of document delivery

The cost for document delivery is based on the individual price for each delivered document.

3. Network licences

Call us for the cost of network licences.

Orders for the Standards Ticker service are for a minimum of one year.