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At Beuth you can find more than 600,000 documents from over 60 national, European and international collections. As single downloads, paper copies, flat rates, network licences or on subscription. Haven’t found what you’re looking for? We can obtain documents according to your wishes - including international ones.


What makes our standards service special

Customized offers
Just right for your needs and your sector.

All national, European and international standards and technical rules in one place.

Because we are part of the DIN Group, you can rely on our products and services.

Founded in 1924
We have been serving our customers – and earning their trust - for nearly 100 years.

Overview of standards products and services

For whom?


Standards and technical rules
All standards and technical rules.
For everyone - and from around the world. As a download or print version.

For all who want to buy standards and technical rules.

DIN, VDI, ISO, ASTM, ASME, BSI, SAE & Co. – All the technical rules you need. More than 600,000 documents from over 60 national, European and international collections. We can obtain any technical rules from collections that are not listed.

Network licences for standards
Our offers for simultaneous internal use of documents.

For all those who work with many colleagues.

Network licences are obtainable for a number of collections, e.g. DIN, VDI, DVS, AD 2000 Codes, ISO and other collections from inside and outside Germany.

Offers for specific sectors
Affordable standards packages for various sectors - also available as an online subscription or as a trade publication.

For all those who work in a specific sector or trade.

Standards collections by sector gathered by experts: Save money - available as online subscriptions or as a trade publication - also with additional information for many sectors and trades.

Standards flat rates
See our special offers for DIN and ISO Standards as well as VDI Guidelines.

For all those who use many standards and technical rules.

Simple download of important collections in PDF format. Save money compared to purchasing them individually.

BEST Beuth Standards Collection
Our full text data pool with the entire collection of German Standards (except DIN VDE Standards).

For those who use digital standards in one or more fields.

Access to over 35,000 standards plus 1,700 VDI Guidelines and all DVS Merkblätter and Guidelines. Incl. the entire ISO collection, technical legislation collection and Swiss mechanical engineering standards.

DITR Data service
Information on standards and technical rules, tailored specifically to meet your needs.

For users of many digital standards with individual needs.

Centralized monitoring of all new, modified and withdrawn documents, distribution of documents and bibliographic information on those documents, and information on the application of standards and technical rules for your processes and products.

Beuth standards products
Standards by sector
Standards by sector for SMEs and trades
Standards Flat Rates
Standards flat rates