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Network licences

Find out how you can obtain Beuth network licences.

Please note the following when you purchase any technical rule  from us:

  • All documents, including downloaded documents, are subject to copyright and may only be used at one workstation.
  • When you purchase an electronic document you also obtain a single workstation licence allowing you to store this document on your computer.
  • For some technical rule collections you can acquire the copyright holder's permission to store and use documents in an internal network (Intranet).
  • A network licence applies to all language versions within the respective technical rule collection.

Below is an overview of the network licences you can obtain from Beuth Verlag.

Network licences for German technical rule collections and for ISO Standards

DIN Standards Collection

  • DIN Standards (DIN EN, DIN EN ISO, DIN ISO, DIN ETS, DIN IEC, etc.)
  • DIN SPECs (PAS, CWA, Technical Reports, Prestandards)
  • VG standards (German military standards)
  • LN standards (German aerospace standards)
  • WL ("Werkstoffleistungsblätter" published by DIN's Aerospace Standards Committee)

Iron and steel material specifications (SEW)
Licence fees and order form (pdf)

Network licences for technical rule collections published outside Germany

  • ABNT (Brazil)
  • AENOR (Spain)
  • AFNOR (France)
  • ASTM (USA)
  • BSI (United Kingdom)
  • IEEE (USA)
  • IRIS
  • JIS (Japan)
  • ÖNORM (Austria)
  • SNV (Switzerland)
  • ISO collections on CD