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Publication DIN Handbook 410 2019-08

Conservation of cultural heritage 2

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About this product

This first edition of DIN Handbook 410 contains 14 European Standards (DIN EN Standards) dealing with the "Conservation of cultural heritage". The following topics are covered by the standards in this volume: Conservation process - Decision making, planning and implementation // Specifications for buildings or rooms intended for the storage or use of heritage collections // Guidelines for improving the energy performance of historic buildings // Ventilation management // Transport methods // Integrated pest management methods (IPM) // Guidelines to characterize natural stone used in cultural heritage // Glossary of terms dealing with mortars for masonry, renders and plasters // Management of waterlogged wood.

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Publication date: 08.2019

1. Edition, 400 Pages, A5, Paper covers

ISBN 978-3-410-29395-8 | Order number 29395

eBook 978-3-410-29396-5 | Order number 29396

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