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Publication DIN Handbook 476 2014-06

Keyboard layouts

Keyboard and input technology for text and office systems

Suitable for mobile devices

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About this product

This DIN Handbook 476 contains all relevant ISO Standards as well as the DIN National Standards which deal with keyboard design.

Personal computers, notebooks and tablets as well as small screen devices such as smartphones offer a great variety of input devices. However, the human factor has not changed and ergonomic considerations have never been more important.

Modalities such as typing, writing, clicking, pinpointing, gestures on and above devices are now all possible and have to be taken into account.

The standards included in this DIN Handbook 476 not only set out the ergonomic principles for the design and use of input devices; they also deal with the properties of input devices which are relevant for usability, including functional, electrical, mechanical, maintainability and safety related properties.

This collection of standards is an essential source of information for programmers, software developers and hardware manufacturers.

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Publication date: 06.2014

1. Edition, 736 Pages, A5, Paper covers

ISBN 978-3-410-23222-3 | Order number 23222

eBook 978-3-410-23223-0 | Order number 23223

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