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Publication 2016-06

Geometrical tolerancing according to DIN EN ISO 1101:2014 – Part 2

2D/3D-Presentation incl. dimensional tolerancing Fold-out leaflet

 Harry Bertschat
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 Harry Bertschat

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About this product

Equipped with the 2nd practical fold-out leaflet on geometrical tolerancing, GPS experts will have the main information from the revised standard DIN EN ISO 1101:2014-04 to hand wherever and whenever they need it.

In the 2014 revision, the international GPS standard DIN EN ISO 1101 dealing with geometrical tolerancing of workpieces was expanded to show specifications in 3D models. This practical leaflet provides GPS experts with an at-a-glance overview of the new features of the standard.

Part 1 comprises the general principles underlying the geometrical tolerancing of workpieces (tolerancing of location, orientation and run-out).

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Product information
Publication date: 06.2016

1. Edition, 8 Pages, 21,0×10,5 cm, Accordation fold

ISBN 978-3-410-26380-7 | Order number 26380

eBook 978-3-410-26381-4 | Order number 26381

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