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Publication REHVA GUIDEBOOK 12 2010

Solar Shading

How to integrate solar shading in sustainable buildings

 Dick Dolmans,  Gonzague Dutoo,  Anders Hall,  Olli Seppänen
Beck, Wouter, REHVA
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 Dick Dolmans,  Gonzague Dutoo,  Anders Hall,  Olli Seppänen
Beck, Wouter, REHVA

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About this product

The selection of solar shading should always be one of the first steps in the design of HVAC systems, as the demand of power and use of energy is greatly influenced by solar shading.

This Guidebook gives a solid background on the physics of solar radiation and its behaviour in windows with solar shading systems.

The book also gives practical guidance for the selection, installation and operation of solar shading, and for future trends in the integration of HVAC systems with solar control.

Product information
Publication date:: 01.2010

1. Edition, 82 Pages

Order number 18207

Details about the publisher and authors


  •  Dick Dolmans

  •  Gonzague Dutoo

  •  Anders Hall

  •  Olli Seppänen

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