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Publication Beuth Wissen 2018-11

Material data sheets Copper

 Dr.  Werner Hesse
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 Dr.  Werner Hesse

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About this product

Wrought alloys and cast alloys

The material data sheets for copper contain a user-friendly compilation of the most important data on wrought and cast materials made from copper and copper alloys. This bilingual edition (German/English) reflects the current state of standardization at the European level. “Material data sheets Copper” covers all materials made from copper and copper alloys included in European standards. This collection includes data on a total of 151 wrought alloys and 49 cast alloys, making this book essential for anyone who works with copper. It provides solid guidance for all copper or copper alloy applications.

Comprehensive information on all copper materials covered by EU standardization

The data sheets provide information on the following aspects of the materials covered using practical, easy-to-read tables:

  • Chemical composition
    The type and maximum permissible quantity of additives and elements that are excluded
  • Fields of application
    Electrical engineering, railway, electrical train operation etc.
  • Mechanical properties
    Yield strength elongation, tensile strength, elongation at break, temper, thickness etc.
  • Physical properties
    Specific volume resistance, mass resistance and conductivity, each for different material conditions

In addition, this collection provides information on comparable international materials. That makes it the ideal basis for working in the EU, but beyond that: Anyone who works with copper or copper alloys at the global level will find the necessary values, standards and designations for orientation purposes. In addition, the relevant DIN Standards are assigned to the materials.

Topics included

  • Wrought alloys
  • Cast alloys
  • Index

Target readership:
Technicians, examiners, engineers, materials experts and any others who work with copper and copper alloys

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Product information
Publication date: 11.2018

2. updated Edition, 514 Pages, A4, Hard cover, Print

ISBN 978-3-410-28505-2 | Order number 28505

eBook 978-3-410-28506-9 | Order number 28506

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