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Standard [WITHDRAWN]

DIN 10508:2012-03

Food hygiene - Temperature requirements for foodstuffs

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Lebensmittelhygiene - Temperaturen für Lebensmittel
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The tables given in DIN 10508, which include maximum temperatures for quick-frozen, frozen and refrigerated foodstuffs, as well as minimum temperatures for hot foodstuffs, provide an overview on legally established temperatures or temperatures recommended by the working group for the various food categories. Additionally an informative annex states the temperatures for certain product groups, which are specified in a guideline for good practice for the retail industry. Furthermore, with regard to the distribution of hot foodstuffs, the corresponding temperature-time-relations are specified. The recommended minimum temperatures and times with regard to modern food distribution systems, such as Cook & Chill or Cook & Freeze, relate to food commissioning, food transport and food service necessary within the framework of food distribution. The indicated temperatures provide information on treatment (such as cooling, keeping, storage, and transport), and marketing of foodstuffs. The temperature tables can be used by food businesses for internal control and as well as for official control of foodstuffs. Product-specific temperature control during treatment and marketing of foodstuffs is a decisive factor to assure food hygiene and to provide the consumers with safe and wholesome foodstuffs. The standard has been prepared by Working Group NA 057-02-01-16 AK "Temperaturen für Lebensmittel" ("Temperature requirements for foodstuffs") of Working Committee "Lebensmittelhygiene" ("Food hygiene") (NA 057-02-01) at NAL.


Replaces DIN 10508:2010-06 .

This document has been replaced by:: DIN 10508:2019-03 .

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