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DIN 1450:2013-04

Title (german) Schriften - Leserlichkeit

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Language: German

Title (english): Lettering - Legibility

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2013-04


This standard describes how lettering can be depicted legibly. During revision of DIN 1450:1993 the demographic development and special needs of persons with visual impairments were particularly considered. The previous DIN 1450 concerned in essence the legibility of lettering in public spaces. With this revision it has been supplemented to include information about legibility of lettering in books, magazines and newspapers. As before, the information provided exclusively takes into consideration technical-functional aspects. Moreover, historical, cultural and design aspects also play a role. A careful consideration of all aspects is therefore recommended. The specifications in this standard shall accomplish that text information is legible under customary conditions. This excludes areas for which particular standards or other specifications are applicable. The following modifications have been made with respect to DIN 1450:1993-07: - inclusion of additional terms and definitions; - differentiation of types of text and influences; - inclusion of nominal size ranges and dimensions for different types of text; - reference to the mean length (x-height) of a lettering in the place of the cap height; - development of the ratio of luminance contrast and text size and - preparation of a comprehensive informative annex with explanations regarding characters, text and semaphores. This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 152-06-02 AA "Schriften" ("Lettering") of the Fundamental Technical Standards Committee (NATG) - Technical Section Technical product documentation - at DIN.

Languages: German

Note: This document is recommended by the issuing body of DIN 1451-3 Beiblatt 1:1987-12 , DIN 1451-3 Beiblatt 2:1987-12 , DIN 1451-3 Beiblatt 3:1987-12 , DIN 1451-3 Beiblatt 4:1983-05 which was withdrawn without replacement

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