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Standard standard of the month February 2018 2016-03

DIN 19261:2016-03

pH measurement - Measuring methods with potentiometric cells - Terms and definitions

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pH-Messung - Messverfahren mit Verwendung potentiometrischer Zellen - Begriffe
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About this product

About this standard

This standard specifies terms and definitions for the components and properties of measuring equipment for pH values in aqueous solutions using combination electrodes based on pH glass (membrane) electrodes. 

The terms are subdivided according to subject area:
electrochemical and potentiometric cells, combination electrodes and electrodes; potentials and potential differences in galvanic cells; measuring and operational characteristics of combination electrodes; electrode errors; the design of combination electrodes; electrode data; pH meters and ph transmitters; and reference buffer solutions.
There is also an informative annex giving details of the temperature dependence of Nernst voltage for combination electrodes.

See DIN 19260 for general terms and definitions regarding pH and pH value.

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