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DIN 55660-2:2011-12

Title (German) Beschichtungsstoffe - Benetzbarkeit - Teil 2: Bestimmung der freien Oberflächenenergie fester Oberflächen durch Messung des Kontaktwinkels

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Language: German

Title (English) Paints and varnishes - Wettability - Part 2: Determination of the free surface energy of solid surfaces by measuring the contact angle

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2011-12


This standard specifies a test method for measuring the contact angle for determining the surface free energy of a solid surface. The method can be used for characterization of substrates and coatings. At least three drops each of at least two test liquids are dispensed onto a flat test specimen surface. The contact angle is measured for every drop. Using a suitable model divided up into polar and dispersive fractions, the free surface energy of the solid is calculated from the averaged contact angles of each fluid, their surface tensions and their polar and dispersive fractions. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 002-00-07-15 AK "Kontaktwinkel/Benetzbarkeit" ("Contact angle/Wettability") at DIN.

Original language German

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