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Standard of the month October 2017

DIN 6701-3:2015-12

Title (german) Kleben von Schienenfahrzeugen und -fahrzeugteilen - Teil 3: Leitfaden zur Konstruktion und Nachweisführung von Klebverbindungen im Schienenfahrzeugbau

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Language: German
translation: English

This standard DIN 6701-3:2015-12, providing guidance on construction design and verification of bonds, is part of a series dealing with the adhesive bonding of railway vehicles and parts. The use of adhesives in the rail vehicle manufacturing sector has become an important alternative to traditional joining techniques such as riveting and welding. To ensure the quality of the adhesive bonding work in the sector, any company which carries out adhesive bonding, trades in bonded products, or offers services for bond design, construction and repair must be accredited and their personal sufficiently familiar with bonding techniques. Major international companies were involved in the development of this globally significant series of standards.

Part 4 “Manufacturing controls and quality assurance” is also available in English translation, while the English translation of Part 2 “Qualification of manufacturer of adhesive bonded materials” is due to be issued next month.

Title (english): Adhesive bonding of railway vehicles and parts - Part 3: Guideline for construction design and verification of bonds on railway vehicles

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2015-12

Languages: German

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