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Standard Standard of the Month March 2018 2018-02

DIN EN 10263-1:2018-02

Steel rod, bars and wire for cold heading and cold extrusion - Part 1: General technical delivery conditions; German version EN 10263-1:2017

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Walzdraht, Stäbe und Draht aus Kaltstauch- und Kaltfließpressstählen - Teil 1: Allgemeine technische Lieferbedingungen; Deutsche Fassung EN 10263-1:2017
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About this product

The DIN EN 10263 series has undergone major revision for the first time since 2002. These are the most important changes in DIN EN 10263, Part 1:

  • revision of the general requirements, the quality management system and the form of delivery;
  • revision of mandatory and optional information;
  • revision of the example of an order;
  • additional hardenability requirements;
  • updated information on the microstructure;
  • revision of the surface quality for bright products;
  • revision of the contents of inspection documents and extensions of inspection;
  • revision of the information on the upsetting test;
  • revision of information on specific inspection and testing;
  • updated verification of hardenability;
  • revised surface inspection;
  • change to supplementary requirements for case hardening steels and steels for quenching and tempering;
  • inclusion of a note on corrosion resistance.

The other Parts in the series, all of which have been revised, are:

  • Part 2: Technical delivery conditions for steels not intended for heat treatment after cold working
  • Part 3: Technical delivery conditions for case hardening steels
  • Part 4: Technical delivery conditions for steels for quenching and tempering
  • Part 5: Technical delivery conditions for stainless steels
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