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DIN EN 1706:2013-12

Title (German) Aluminium und Aluminiumlegierungen - Gussstücke - Chemische Zusammensetzung und mechanische Eigenschaften; Deutsche Fassung EN 1706:2010

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Language: German
translation: English

Title (English) Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Castings - Chemical composition and mechanical properties; German version EN 1706:2010

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2013-12


This standard specifies the chemical composition limits for aluminium casting alloys and mechanical properties of separately cast test pieces for these alloys. Annexes A and B contain guides for the selection of alloys for a specific use or process. The standard shall be used in conjunction with DIN EN 576, DIN EN 1559-1, DIN EN 1559-4, DIN EN 1676 and DIN EN ISO 8062-3. It also includes: an explanation of the terms used; temper and casting process designation systems and a comparison of the cast aluminium alloy designations according to different standards. This European Standard has been prepared by CEN/TC 132/WG 10 "Castings" (secretariat: AENOR, France) at Technical Committee CEN/TC 132 "Aluminium and aluminium alloys" (secretariat: AFNOR, Spain) of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). On the national level Working Committee NA 036-00-07 AA "Gusslegierungen" ("Aluminium casting alloys") at the Foundry Praxis Standards Committee (GINA) is responsible.

Original language German

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