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Standard [WITHDRAWN] 2010-05

DIN ISO 18902:2010-05

Imaging materials - Processed imaging materials - Albums, framing and storage materials (ISO 18902:2007 + Cor. 1:2009)

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Bild-Aufzeichnungsmaterialien - Materialien für verarbeitete Fotografien - Alben, Rahmen und andere Aufbewahrungsmittel (ISO 18902:2007 + Cor. 1:2009)
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This International Standard specifies the principal physical and chemical requirements for filing enclosures, containers, albums and frames, particularly designed for storing wet or dry processed films, plates and papers. This International Standard covers the requirements for paper and board, plastic, metal, adhesives (except spray adhesives), writing, labelling and printing materials. It is applicable to photographs made with hardcopy materials. Included are photographs made with traditional chromogenic ("silver-halide") and silver dye bleach photographic materials, dye- and pigment-based inkjet, dye diffusion thermal transfer ("dye sublimation"), liquid- and dry-toner electrophotography, and other analogue and digital print processes. This International Standard applies to storage copies and does not include work copies as defined in Annex A. It also applies to visual records for extended-term preservation and to visual records for preservation for moderate periods of time. The requirements are limited to the characteristics that may affect the enclosed item chemically or physically when it is stored under recommended conditions. This International Standard does not apply to the material used as a support for prints or documents. This International standard is the German version of ISO 18902:2007. The associated Corrigendum which was published in 2009 has already been included in this version. At DIN the Committee responsible for this standard is NA 149-00-01 AA "Fotografische Medien" ("Photographic media").


Replaces DIN ISO 10214:1994-11 .

This document has been replaced by:: DIN 15549:2016-04 .

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