AD 2000 Code

The collection for pressure equipment, pressure vessels, steam boilers, pipelines and the plant engineering sector.

  • Based on the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • Focused on quality, safety and conformity
  • Made in Germany

  • The AD 2000 Code sets out in detail all the significant safety requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and of course fulfils the conformity requirements of the PED. As compared to other national collections of standards such as EN 13445 (unfired pressure vessels) and EN 13480 (piping) which regulate the quality and condition of pressure equipment, this German collection is particularly valued for its self-contained and logical form.

    Both its focus on quality, safety and conformity - with the essential requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive - and the clear and unambiguous nature of the specifications make the AD 2000 code so valuable for users: Clear design, assessment, testing and documentation specifications embody “Made in Germany” in the very best sense. The popularity of the AD Code, not only in Germany but also internationally, is due to its clear structure and its rigorous requirements. The AD 2000 Code is also available in English.

  • Operators of pressure equipment, such as pressure vessels, steam boilers and pipelines, engineers and technicians in plant construction who are involved in the project planning, construction and maintenance of pressurized components, experts and specialists.

  • The AD 2000 Code is the joint effort of various technical associations, supported and further developed by a large segment of German industry. AD 2000 is continually being updated.

AD 2000 codes

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