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ASTM International (ASTM)

… develops materials, products, systems and services standards. Although ASTM is not the national standards body representing the United States at ISO (ANSI has this role), ASTM is nonetheless one of the largest issuers of technical rules worldwide, and ASTM standards are widely applicable outside the US.

Almost 13,000 ASTM Standards

… are used globally to improve product quality, safety and facilitate and simplify world trade. ASTM Standards can be obtained individually or already grouped together by topic (Annual Book of ASTM Standards).

More than 6,000 ASTM Standards with redlines

… are available. Redlines are documents in PDF format which allow you to see all the changes which have been made in each valid ASTM Standard – whether it’s additions, deletions or other modifications – making it easy to compare the standard with its previous edition.

You can purchase the following products directly from us:

New ASTM Standards
We want to make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest developments. We will let you know as soon as possible when new ASTM Standards have been published.
ASTM Standards and Redlines
Close to 13,000 ASTM Standards improve the lives of millions of people every day. All ASTM Standards and ASTM Redline Standards that have been published to date can be found here. The search mask will help you find the document you need.
Licence fees
Do you want to use ASTM Standards on more than one computer or store them in your company intranet? Then you need a network licence. All the information you need, including the online request form, can be found here.
Annual Book of ASTM Standards
Find out more about the current version of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards here and take advantage of the price discount when you purchase a section or the complete set.
ASTM Reference Radiographs
The ASTM Reference Radiographs (Comparison series for radiographic images) contain compilations of radiographic images that show various gradations of inhomogeneities that can occur in castings and welded joints.
ASTM E-Books
Beuth Verlag offers a selection of ASTM-E-Books (PDF format). Network licences can also be purchased for these products.

ASTM Compass

... gives you access to all ASTM and third-party content, such as standards, technical publications, trainings and engineering consulting.

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