ASTM Standards
  • A total of nearly 13,000 ASTM Standards are available, 6,000 of which are redlines
  • The Annual Book of ASTM Standards: as a book or online version, in a low-priced complete set or as individual sections¬†
  • ASTM Reference Radiographs and network licences

ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

  • ASTM International is an international standards organization based in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, USA. Almost 13,000 ASTM Standards are used globally to improve product quality, safety and facilitate and simplify world trade. ASTM Standards can be obtained individually, or already grouped together by topic (Annual Book of ASTM Standards).

    The high quality of ASTM International's standards is based on the expertise of its members, who represent business, governments, academia, associations, consumers, and others.

  • ASTM Standards are of interest across all sectors and are fundamental to testing.

  • More than 30,000 experts from 150 countries develop and update standards at ASTM International, one of the world's most respected setters of technical rules. Approximately 150 committees (with over 2,000 subcommittees) meet in person and virtually to develop standards. These standards are then published a short time later by ASTM International.

New ASTM Standards

We want to make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest developments. We will let you know as soon as possible when new ASTM Standards have been published.

Annual Book of ASTM Standards

The Annual Book contains all valid standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). It includes 80 topic-specific volumes, divided into 15 different sections; these volumes can also be purchased individually. Purchasing the complete set saves money.

ASTM Reference Radiographs

We would be happy to enquire about the availability of ASTM Radiographs for you. Please send us an e-mail with the name of the article to or select the articles in our webshop and order them. In either case, you will receive an offer first.

Licence fees for ASTM Standards in company networks

Do you want to use ASTM Standards on more than one computer or store them in your company intranet? Then you need a network licence. All the information you need, including the online request form, can be found here.