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Technical rule

DIN CWA 16520:2013-04; DIN SPEC 91301:2013-04

Title (German) Blindenführhundetrainer - Kompetenzen; Englische Fassung CWA 16520:2012

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Language: English

Title (English) Guide dog mobility instructor - Competences; English Version CWA 16520:2012

Document type: Technical rule

Publication date: 2013-04


This European CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA 16520:2012) has been prepared by the CEN Workshop "CEN/WS 065 European Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Training" at CEN, the secretariat of which is held by UNI (Italy). This document provides the reference criteria of essential competences for guide dog mobility instructors in the following general and specific areas: - professional behaviour and professional ethics; - interpersonal management and communication competences; - assessment of the various forms of visual impairment and their impact on humans; - orientation and mobility training; - perception of the needs of clients with additional requirements; - dog care and welfare assessment; - general dog management and training; - guide dog training; - client and partnership training and after care.

Original language English


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