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VDI/VDE 2627 Blatt 1:2015-12

Measuring rooms - Classification and characteristics - Planning and execution

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Messräume - Klassifizierung und Kenngrößen - Planung und Ausführung
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German, English

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Short description
Measurements and measurement results are the basis for decisions such as assumptions or rejection of components and parts. Regarding this background, a measurement result must be determined based on the available feature tolerance with minimum uncertainty of measurement. Measuring rooms are instances for well defined and thus known environmental condition, in addition to the measuring equipment itself. They create the prerequisites for well-known and stable environmental conditions and low uncertainty of measurement. The revised standard VDI/VDE 2627 Part 1 describes principles for the planning and operation of measuring rooms. Furthermore parameters are define that are required for planning, establishing and operation of measuring rooms. The standard supports planners, suppliers and operators of measuring rooms when determining the requirements on a measuring room as well as monitoring of compliance with the parameters. Additional, a classification system for test facilities is recommended to assess the performance characteristics of existing measuring rooms and to enable a task-oriented planning of new measuring rooms. The standard applies to measuring rooms for any physical dimension, if necessary, taking into account other parameters. It focuses on the measurement of length. Also the recommended classification applies to rooms for length measurement.
Replacement amendments

This document replaces VDI/VDE 2627 Blatt 1:1998-08 .

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