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Product compliance

What is product compliance?

When we talk about “compliance”, we are referring to “product compliance”. Product compliance – or product conformity – is certainty that a product meets the regulatory requirements necessary to be available on the market.

Companies bringing products on to the market fall under legal obligation to take the actions necessary to ensure product compliance.

Manufacturers and distributors must guarantee that their products are designed and made in compliance with the relevant requirements of EU Directives and undergo a conformity assessment procedure.

If the conformity assessment takes place with reference to standards, these must be checked regularly to ensure that they are up-to-date, and Directives have to be continually monitored.

Why is this so important?

Product requirements are steadily growing more complex. In addition to the normal technical requirements, legislative provisions such as EU Directives are playing an increasingly important role.

Manufacturers face a great responsibility - they are liable for ensuring that their products are in line with all relevant requirements laid out in such Directives.

When damages are incurred due to non-compliance, the consequences are severe: costly product recalls, hefty fines, and potentially long-term damage to your company’s reputation.

You can avoid these risks by taking advantage of our Identification and Monitoring services that keep track of the requirements on products in your portfolio.