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DIN Standards and other technical rules are important tools for companies of all sizes. These documents contain requirements for the quality and safety of all kinds of products and services. Anyone who has their standards collection in order has a clear advantage.

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Standards management at Siemens AG

For over 167 years Siemens has been known throughout the world for its technical performance, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality. Some 370,000 Siemens employees worldwide develop and manufacture systems and equipment, offering our customers solutions tailored to their needs. Siemens is active in the energy, healthcare, industry, and infrastructure & cities sectors. One of the world's leading companies, Siemens had a revenue of over € 78 billion in the 2012 fiscal year.

Standards are made available via the central Corporate Technology department in Munich. A central server provides all Siemens employees with Intranet access to standards via their web browser.

Standards are used at all phases of the value added chain, from R&D to production and production management, and on to sales. At every stage it is important that employees have a well-founded knowledge of and can reliably use all standards, specifications and technical rules relevant to their products. This is an important element of regulatory compliance.

In combination with DITR's data service, our in-house application is used to search bibliographic information and the full texts of all standards and technical rules, using up to 20 search criteria. We have company licences for the ten most frequently used document collections (e.g. DIN Standards, ISO Standards, VDE documents) giving users direct access via their web interface and the possibility of downloading documents when needed. Our 1,200 in-house Siemens standards are also integrated into this system, and are available to all Siemens staff across the globe. Standards that are not available online can be ordered using our application.

Individual persons and groups have subscriptions to various update and monitoring services; in this way, Siemens employees are informed of all changes to their document collections and are always up-to-date.

By participating in the development of standards, specifications and other technical rules, Siemens experts are also able to help shape market conditions. For example, the development of IEC Standards on industrial fieldbus systems such as "profibus", and the IEC Standard on a uniform communications protocol for energy network infrastructures contributed greatly to the success of our products on the global market.

Thomas Haizmann, Siemens AG, CT TIM IR SI (Standards Information)