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What does standards management involve? Which solution is the right one for me?

When setting up a standards management system in your company it is important to precisely identify your needs. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does my company only use national (e.g. German) Standards, or are we active throughout Europe or even the world?
  • How many standards does my company use on a daily basis?
  • Do we already manage our standards collections in some manner, or even have our own standards management system?
  • Do we have company standards?
  • Do we have a quality system or plan to set one up in the future?
  • Are the documents available in paper format, digital format, or both?

Standards management is becoming increasingly important

You know from your own experience that it is becoming increasingly important to effectively manage collections of standards and technical rules. There are many reasons for this:

  • The amount of information to be processed is growing daily.
  • It is increasingly important to link information among the various areas of your company.
  • Your company is facing new requirements, such as the introduction of a quality system.
  • You are facing new challenges such as compliance, liability, CE marking requirements, etc.

An effective standards management system helps you keep up with these new developments and ensures your company's processes are not only efficient but also legally and financially secure. Here is where Beuth's standards management solutions can help.

What is "standards management"? What does it need to do for me?

Optimal standards management ensures that a collection is complete and fully documented, and that the necessary information on standards is communicated throughout your company. An effective standards management system meets your needs by:

  • allowing you to search comprehensive databases for available standards and technical rules, and to order the documents you need
  • monitoring the currency of your collection (e.g. providing information on withdrawn, revised or new documents via an "alert service")
  •  incorporating the full texts of all standards and internal documents such as company standards
  • allowing for differentiated access rights (e.g. read/write access, purchasing)
  • making sure everyone in your company has the right information regarding standards
  • helping you save money and avoid duplicate orders
  •  allowing you to archive withdrawn standards and technical rules (called "historical" documents)

Beuth's standards management solutions can do all this - and more!

We have several standards management solutions offering some or all of the features described above, depending on your needs. Our solutions are suitable for all sectors and all company sizes. They give you legal security, are reliable, comprehensive, and flexible.

Check out the table below to find which solution best suits your needs:

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