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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2020-07

DIN SPEC 3105-1:2020-07
Open Source Hardware - Teil 1: Requirements for technical documentation; Text in English
Procedure : PAS

Free of charge

Technical rule [CURRENT] 2020-07

DIN SPEC 3105-2:2020-07
Open Source Hardware - Part 2: Community-based assessment; Text in English
Procedure : PAS

Free of charge

Draft standard 2022-06

DIN EN 17332:2022-06 - Draft
Construction products: Assessment of release of dangerous substances - Analysis of organic substances in eluates; German and English version prEN 17332:2022

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Draft standard 2019-06

DIN EN IEC 61850-7-420:2019-06 - Draft
Communication networks and systems for power utility automation - Part 7-420: Basic communication structure - Distributed energy resources and distribution automation logical nodes (IEC 57/1997/CD:2018); Text in English

from 455.80 EUR VAT included

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2015-05

DIN CEN/TS 16717:2015-05; DIN SPEC 18110:2015-05
Surface for sports areas - Method of test for the determination of shock absorption, vertical deformation and energy restitution using the advanced artificial athlete; German version CEN/TS 16717:2015

This Technical Specification specifies a method of test for measuring the shock absorption, vertical deformation, and energy restitution of the sports surfaces. The method is not suitable for ...

Procedure : Pre-Standard

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Publication DIN-Taschenbuch 398 2019-11


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Publication DIN-Taschenbuch 183 2019-03

Lagerbehälter für wassergefährdende, brennbare und nichtbrennbare Flüssigkeiten

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Publication DIN-Taschenbuch 247 2017-08

Metallpulver, Sintermetalle, Hartmetalle - Grundlagen, Werkstoffanforderungen, Probenahme und Prüfverfahren

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Publication DIN-Taschenbuch 134/1 und 134/2 2022-04

Sporthallen und Sportplätze
Paket DIN-Taschenbuch 134/1 und 134/2 - Anforderungen und Prüfverfahren

244.00 EUR VAT included

228.04 EUR VAT excluded

Publication DIN-Taschenbuch 450/1 2015-03

Aluminium 1
Bänder, Bleche, Platten, Folien, Butzen, Ronden, geschweißte Rohre, Vormaterial

out of print, no further details known

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