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Standard [CURRENT] 2014-07

DIN EN 15208:2014-07
Tanks for transport of dangerous goods - Sealed parcel delivery systems - Working principles and interface specifications; German version EN 15208:2014

This standard deals with sealed parcel delivery systems used with transport tanks and specifies the performance requirements, critical safety aspects, data transfer methods between loading ...

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Standard [CURRENT] 1978-04

DIN 3378:1978-04
Gas-appliances for butcher machines and smoking appliances

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from 47.94 EUR VAT excluded

Standard [CURRENT] 2018-01

DIN 14011:2018-01
Firefighting and fire protection - Terms and definitions
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Standard [CURRENT] 2004-02

DIN 8132:2004-02
Continuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments (Belt weighers) - Metrological and technical requirements, tests (OIML R 50-1:1997)

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Standard [CURRENT] 2011-02

DIN EN 61512-4:2011-02
Batch control - Part 4: Batch production records (IEC 61512-4:2009); German version EN 61512-4:2010

This part of the IEC 61512 standard series defines a reference model for batch production records by giving information on batches or elements of batch production. This standard refers to batch ...

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from 162.90 EUR VAT excluded

Draft standard [PRE-ORDER] 2022-02

DIN EN ISO 4484-3:2022-02 - Draft
Textiles and textile products - Microplastics from textile sources - Part 3: Measurement of collected material mass released from textile end products by domestic washing method (ISO/DIS 4484-3:2021); German and English version prEN ISO 4484-3:2021

from 101.80 EUR VAT included

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Standard [CURRENT] 2004-01

DIN 51425:2004-01
Testing of mineral oil hydrocarbons and similar materials - Analysis by high pressure liquid chromatography - General working principles

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Standard [CURRENT] 2021-04

DIN EN IEC 62668-2:2021-04
Process management for avionics - Counterfeit prevention - Part 2: Managing electronic components from non-franchised sources (IEC 62668-2:2019); German version EN IEC 62668-2:2019

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Standard [CURRENT] 1999-06

DIN ISO 6686:1999-06
Agricultural machinery and tractors - Equipment for crop protection - Antidrip devices; determination of performance (ISO 6686:1995)

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Standard [CURRENT] 2003-09

DIN EN 13740-2:2003-09
Agricultural machinery - Solid fertilizer line-distributors; Environmental protection - Part 2: Test methods; German version EN 13740-2:2003

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