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Draft technical rule [WITHDRAWN]

VDI 3808:2020-04 - Draft

Assessment of energy efficiency of buildings and building services - Application of existing techniques

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Energetische Bewertung von Gebäuden und der Gebäudetechnik - Anwendung bestehender Verfahren
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 Attention: Document withdrawn!

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Short description
This standard provides an overview of various procedures for the energetic evaluation of buildings and technical building installations. It helps the user of such methods to determine for which purposes which method is particularly suitable or which method is mandatory. A distinction is made between procedures for energy assessment based on energy demand (e.g. VDI 2067, DIN V 18599, DIN 4701 and DIN 4108) and those based on energy consumption (e.g. VDI 3807). It should be noted here that the energy requirement as a calculated variable refers to the planned use of the building, but is independent of the concrete behaviour of the user. In this respect, the energy demand is a parameter that only takes into account the building and the building technology in connection with the planned use. Energy demand calculations also serve to design the system, but not to calculate energy consumption. Deviating from the demand, the assessment variable is the consumption that actually occurred during the measurement period. This is influenced by the building, its technology and its use, but is also significantly influenced by the specific user behaviour. Energy consumption values are not suitable for comparing the energy efficiency of different buildings. They serve as an orientation for comparable buildings, system technology and similar use as well as for the recognition of trends over a certain period of time. This standard is intended for architects, building owners, operators, energy consultants, facility managers, manufacturers, users, planners, and software providers.

This document has been replaced by:: VDI 3808:2021-03 .

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