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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2013-09

DIN SPEC 77234:2013-09
Guideline to evaluate lifecycle costs in product-service systems

This specification specifies a procedure for determining and managing lifecycle costs of product-service-systems. The specification applies particularly though not exclusively to product and ...

Procedure: PAS

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2015-04

DIN SPEC 35201:2015-04
Reference model for the development of sustainable services

This DIN SPEC has been prepared in the PAS procedure by a workshop (temporary committee). This DIN SPEC was developed and approved by the authors named in the foreword. This reference model is ...

Procedure: PAS
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Technical rule [CURRENT] 1992-07

VDI 3979:1992-07
Abnahmeregeln für Stückgut-Fördersysteme

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2012-05

VDI 4470 Blatt 2:2012-05
Anti-theft systems for goods - Deactivation devices - Inspection guidelines for customers

The deactivation devices are decisive for maintaining the regulations which require a complete deactivation of seeured on the shop floor. In order to inspect the devices installed it is ...

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2001-01

VDI 4466 Blatt 1:2001-01
Automatic parking systems - Basic principles

The purpose of the guideline is to provide recommendations for planners, manufacturers and operators of automatic parking systems to ensure the success of planning, construction and operation of ...

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2013-12

VDI 2710 Blatt 5:2013-12
Acceptance specification for automated guided vehicles (AGVS)

The standard describes aspects and rules to be considered in supplying a automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS). This includes the most important technical aspects which shall be taken into ...

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Draft technical rule 2022-01

VDI-MT 3810 Blatt 1:2022-01 - Draft
Operation and maintenance of buildings and building installations - Fundamentals

The series of standards VDI 3810 gives recommendations for the various building services and trades regarding safe, specified, demand-oriented and sustainable operation. The standard describe ...

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2011-03

VDI 3478 Blatt 1:2011-03
Biological waste gas purification - Bioscrubbers

Biological scrubbing is an important technique employed in the reduction of gaseous or vaporous emissions. It can be applied both as the only purification stage and in connection with other ...

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2011-06

VDI 6039:2011-06
Facility management - Managing of building commissioning - Methods and procedures for building-services installations

Interdisciplinary cooperation is required already for the commissioning of a building. The guideline describes the necessary methods and planning steps. Furthermore, it points out from which ...

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Technical rule [CURRENT] 1997-03

VDI 4505 Blatt 1:1997-03
Project management - Methodical transaction of projects for industrial plants and equipment

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