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Technical rule [CURRENT] 2020-03

VFF Merkblatt V.05:2020-03
Einsatzempfehlungen für Sicherheitsgläser im Bauwesen

32.00 EUR VAT included

29.91 EUR VAT excluded

Publication Loose-leaf publication 2000-03

Handbuch der Bodenuntersuchung
Terminologie, Verfahrensvorschriften und Datenblätter. Physikalische, chemische, biologische Untersuchungsverfahren. Gesetzliche Regelwerke

On subscription only. Purchase of basic work implies subscription for at least one year. The price of updates depends on their size. It is always the current version that is delivered.

17 Folder(s)

798.00 EUR VAT included

745.79 EUR VAT excluded

Publication DAfStb-Heft 561 2008

Sachstandsbericht "Ultrahochfester Beton"

39.30 EUR VAT included

36.73 EUR VAT excluded

Publication REHVA GUIDEBOOK 23 2017

Displacement Ventilation

The guide book discusses two principal methods which can be used when the supply air flow rate of displacement ventilation system is calculated: 1) temperature based design, where the design ...


59.50 EUR VAT included

50.00 EUR VAT excluded

Publication REHVA GUIDEBOOK 2 2004

Ventilation Effectiveness

This practical guide provides easily understood descriptions of the indices used to measure the performance of a ventilation system and demonstrates how to measure ventilation effectiveness in ...

53.50 EUR VAT included

50.00 EUR VAT excluded

Publication REHVA GUIDEBOOK 1 2002

Displacement ventilation
in non-industrial premises

This guidebook is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manual for designing displacement ventilation systems, taking practical experience and research results into account.

53.50 EUR VAT included

50.00 EUR VAT excluded


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