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Standard 2010-12

DIN 18008-2:2010-12

Glass in Building - Design and construction rules - Part 2: Linearly supported glazings

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Glas im Bauwesen - Bemessungs- und Konstruktionsregeln - Teil 2: Linienförmig gelagerte Verglasungen
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Part 2 of standard DIN 18008 provides rules for design and construction of linearly supported glazings. The standard applies, in connection with DIN 18008-1, to flat infill glazings continuously linearly supported at least on two opposite sides with mechanical fastenings (for instance, screwed pressing rails). Specifications for glazings with additional point supports (for example, by edge clamps and/or by supports led through glass drillings) are intended to be covered in DIN 18008-3, which is in preparation. For glazings which are accessed, walked upon or driven upon, which serve as fall protection or as barriers or are under continuous load from liquids (for instance, aquarium glazings), further requirements are to be observed. Depending on their vertical inclination, the linearly supported glazings according to this standard are categorised in - horizontal glazings: inclination > 10° and - vertical glazings: inclination <= 10°. The specifications for horizontal glazings are also applicable to vertical glazings, if these - such as, for instance, shed roofs with the possibility of lateral snow loads - are not only subject to short-term variable impacts. In respect to draft DIN 18008-2 from 2009-07, only minor changes have been made: a) editorial and technical revision; b) revision of clause 5 for additional rules for horizontal glazings; c) more precise specifications of the rules for triple glazings. The standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 005-09-25 AA "Bemessungs- und Konstruktionsregeln für Bauprodukte aus Glas" ("Design and construction rules for glass building products") at NABau.


This document has been corrected by: DIN 18008-2 Berichtigung 1:2011-04 .

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