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Standard [WITHDRAWN] 2011-05

DIN 58355-1:2011-05

Membrane filters - Part 1: Testing for specific liquid flow rate for flat filters

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Membranfilter - Teil 1: Prüfung der spezifischen Durchflussrate von Flüssigkeiten für Flachfilter
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This standard serves for testing of the specific liquid flow rate by means of flat filters having nominal pore sizes of 0,02 µm to 3,0 µm which are primarily used in the medical field. This new version of the standard has become necessary in order to - update the normative references; - correct the evaluation formula in 4.4 (wrong unit of measurement); and - carry out a general editorial revision. This standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 063-02-04 AA "Filtermaterialien" ("Filter materials") of the Medical Standards Committee (NAMed) at DIN, the German Institute for Standardization e. V. In addition to Part 1, the DIN 58355 standard series "Membrane filters" consists of the following other parts: - Part 2: Testing for bubble point, - Part 3: Bacteria challenge test for flat filters, - Part 4: Testing for particulate matter, - Part 6: Test for extractable components.


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