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DIN EN 1317-1:2011-01

Title (german) Rückhaltesysteme an Straßen - Teil 1: Terminologie und allgemeine Kriterien für Prüfverfahren; Deutsche Fassung EN 1317-1:2010

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Language: German
translation: English

Title (english): Road restraint systems - Part 1: Terminology and general criteria for test methods; German version EN 1317-1:2010

Document type: Standard

Publication date: 2011-01


In order to improve and maintain road safety, the design of safer roads requires the installation of road restraint systems on certain sections of road and at particular locations. These road restraint systems are designed to specified performance levels of containment and to redirect errant vehicles and to provide guidance for pedestrians or other road users. This standard is a revision of EN 1317-1:1998. The standard specifies test methods and impact test acceptance criteria which shall be met to verify compliance with the requirements of EN 1317-5 and/or prEN1317-6. The specification for the design of road restraint systems entered in the test report identifies important conditions for on-site use, with respect to the test assembly. The performance range of road restraint system products given in this standard enables national and local authorities to recognize and specify the performance class to be deployed. Annexes A and B contain information for the measurement of the acceleration severity index ASI and vehicle acceleration.

Languages: German

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