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Standard [CURRENT] 2013-01

DIN ISO 8525:2013-01
Airborne noise emitted by machine tools - Operating conditions for metal-cutting machines (ISO 8525:2008)

This test standard describes, with reference to ISO 230-5, the mechanical and acoustical specifications necessary for a reproducible test method for the determination of airborne noise emitted ...

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Standard [NEW] 2021-11

DIN EN ISO 11146-2:2021-11
Lasers and laser-related equipment - Test methods for laser beam widths, divergence angles and beam propagation ratios - Part 2: General astigmatic beams (ISO 11146-2:2021); German version EN ISO 11146-2:2021

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Standard [CURRENT] 2006-05

DIN 28022:2006-05
Vertical pressure vessels - Vesels for process plants 0,063 m³ up to 25 m³ - Dimensions
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Standard [CURRENT] 1991-02

DIN 43454-2:1991-02
Circuit-breaker; rated voltage 245 kV; circuit-breaker with common support frame for all poles; terminal and mounting dimensions, layout

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Standard [CURRENT] 2000-01

DIN 51347-1:2000-01
Testing of lubricants - Testing under boundary lubricating conditions with the Brugger lubricant tester - Part 1: General working principles

This document has been corrected by

from 32.00 EUR VAT included

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Standard [CURRENT] 2017-01

DIN 15159-3:2017-01
Transportation chain for trade products - Specific pallet made from thermoplastic resin - Part 3: Auto ID and RFID

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Standard [CURRENT] 2007-09

DIN 43452:2007-09
Vertical break disconnector - Rated voltage 420 kV - Terminal and mounting dimensions, layout

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Standard [CURRENT] 2001-12

DIN 58002:2001-12
Integrated optics - Near-field-measurement for single-mode optical chip components

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Standard [CURRENT] 2012-03

DIN 58397-2:2012-03
Production in optical engineering - Testing of lubricating greases for precision engineering and optical instruments - Part 2: Spreading

This standard shall be used for lubricating greases in accordance with DIN 58396-2 using worked penetration according to DIN ISO 2137 between 385 and 130 tenths of a millimetre (NLGI grades 0 to ...

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Standard [CURRENT] 2011-01

DIN 43454-3:2011-01
Circuit-breaker - Part 3: Rated voltage 420 kV - Terminal and mounting dimensions, layout

The standard specifies terminal and mounting dimensions as well as layout of circuit-breakers with rated voltage of 420 V. It applies to three-pole circuit-breakers in accordance with DIN EN ...

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from 55.05 EUR VAT excluded


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