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Management und Qualität

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Standard 2008-05

DIN 55350-11:2008-05
Concepts for quality management - Part 11: Supplement to DIN EN ISO 9000:2005

from 56.60 EUR VAT included

from 52.90 EUR VAT excluded

Standard 1989-03

DIN 55350-12:1989-03
Concepts in the field of quality and statistics; concepts relating to characteristics

from 69.20 EUR VAT included

from 64.67 EUR VAT excluded

Standard 1985-12

DIN 55350-14:1985-12
Quality assurance and statistical terminology; concepts relating to sampling

from 43.70 EUR VAT included

from 40.84 EUR VAT excluded

Standard 1986-02

DIN 55350-15:1986-02
Concepts of quality management and statistics; concepts of types (models)

from 30.80 EUR VAT included

from 28.79 EUR VAT excluded

Standard 1988-08

DIN 55350-17:1988-08
Concepts in quality and statistics; concepts relating to quality inspection and test

from 50.30 EUR VAT included

from 47.01 EUR VAT excluded

Standard 2015-01

DIN EN 60300-1:2015-01
Dependability management - Part 1: Guidance for management and application (IEC 60300-1:2014); German version EN 60300-1:2014

This part of the IEC 61300 standard series gives a framework for dependability management. It provides guidance on dependability management of products, systems, processes or services involving ...

from 130.10 EUR VAT included

from 121.59 EUR VAT excluded

Draft standard 2014-09

DIN EN 60300-3-3:2014-09 - Draft
Dependability management - Part 3-3: Application guide - Life cycle costing (IEC 56/1549/CD:2014)

from 125.50 EUR VAT included

from 117.29 EUR VAT excluded

Draft standard 2015-01

DIN EN 60300-3-10:2015-01 - Draft
Dependability management - Part 3-10: Application guide - Maintainability and supportability (IEC 56/1573A/CD:2014)

from 140.70 EUR VAT included

from 131.50 EUR VAT excluded

Draft standard 2015-08

DIN EN 60812:2015-08 - Draft
Failure Mode and Effects analysis (FMEA) (IEC 56/1579/CD:2014)

from 175.50 EUR VAT included

from 164.02 EUR VAT excluded

Standard 2018-03

DIN EN 61078:2018-03
Reliability block diagrams (IEC 61078:2016); German version EN 61078:2016

from 258.60 EUR VAT included

from 241.68 EUR VAT excluded


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